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Last Will & Testament

Single Wills


Mirror Wills



Will Trusts

Power of Attorney

Lasting Power(s) of Attorney (LPA)

Property & Financial Affairs LPA


Health And Welfare LPA

Retirement Protection

The Zen Estate Plan

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Your Will & 2 LPAs will be provided completely free of charge when you pay a minimum deposit of £250 on your Funeral Plan, a saving of over £500 in legal fees.

Funeral Plans

With the cost of funerals rising each year, it makes good sense to lock that cost at today's prices.

By paying for your funeral in advance, it will also help your family as they will not need to find that money when you pass on.

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Contract Review

Probate Assistance

If you've been named as an Executor but are not sure how to go about it, then our fully flexible assistance service could be exactly what you need.


IHT Form Guidance

Nursing Home

Long Term Care Planning

Severance of Joint Tenancy




Life Interest Will Trusts


Full Plans

Please feel free get in touch with us by email, telephone or using the form below. One of our consultants will be happy to discuss any or all of our services with you in complete confidence and without any obligation on your part. All the plans we arrange also have a full 30-day cancellation period in case you change your mind, meaning there's no need to worry about anything, so don't delay - get in touch today.

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Fee Schedule for Spring 2021

Single Standard Will ..... £90

Two Mirror Wills ..... £160

Single LPA, Completed Form & Instructions ..... £95

Single LPA, Form, Certificate and All Admin to Issue ..... £295

Severance of Joint Tenancy ..... £95

Severance of Joint Tenancy plus Double Wills with Life Interest Trusts .... £495 

Probate Assistance & Administration ..... £40 per hour